Why More Americans Don’t Travel Abroad

Why More Americans Don’t Travel Abroad

The way the world is going world travel is becoming more and more essential to not only understanding world culture but also succeeding in the increasingly global economic markets. What’s clear is that the people who understand world needs will continue to become more valuable then those who don’t and in this respect Americans are quickly falling behind. What is even more odd is many Americans put travel near or at the top of their list of life priorities.
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It isn’t overtly obvious why more Americans don’t cast out on into the wide world of travel more often. Most have more than enough resources to do so, but looking at a few key issues begins to show why more Americans aren’t traveling abroad.
We Don’t Have Passports
This is probably the biggest reason that more Americans aren’t out in the world, they simply don’t hold a passport. Although Americans who hold a passport is on the rise the fact remains that nearly two out of every three Americans don’t have a passport. The reasoning behind this is a bit of a mystery as well.
Getting a passport in the states isn’t exceptionally hard nor is it grossly expensive, the only real deterrent is that it takes quite some time to receive it. Moreover, unless it needs to be expedited it is not only quite affordable it is a down right steal, as American passports grant access to most countries in the world without having to get an additional visa Why more Americans don’t own a passport remains a mystery, but if recent numbers continue it might be awhile before most Americans are traveling abroad.
We Don’t Have Time
As has been written on this blog many times to travel properly throughout the world and to truly begin to understand other world cultures requires time. More time than the average American vacation lasts.
The simple fact is that Americans only get two weeks (10 days) of vacation time, and at many companies nowadays getting your boss to let you leave for two whole weeks is paramount to asking for a paid sabbatical. In other words its likely never to happen. Even when Americans are lucky enough to escape the office for more than a week at a time, we rarely do choosing to spread out the days for maximum effect and to avoid burnout. Being able to take the time a travel correctly is essential and unless American working standards change that’s likely never to happen.
We Think its Too Expensive
Up until recently this might have been a legitimate excuse, before the internet unless you knew a top notch travel agent (or better yet were one yourself) overpaying for flights outside the country was quite common. Especially when booking lodging as even today most online hotel bookings are rarely cheap and affordable. Most Americans see flying overseas as a large expensive journey and one that requires years of planning and saving.
The truth is that by using the power of the internet and sites like Flightfox and Airbnb the cost of getting around the world is dropping at a very rapid rate. Unfortunately perception is reality and as long as Americans view world travel as something that requires copious piles of cash its likely not to change very soon.
America is Big Enough We Don’t Really Need to Leave
Another large deterrent for Americans to travel abroad is that our country is so big and so ecologically diverse that you could spend your entire life simply traveling about the states and never getting tired of it. The states as a whole have world class skiing, pristine beaches, crystal clear seas, cosmopolitan cities, and an endless number of beautiful man-made and natural sights to behold.
Its no small wonder that we don’t get out of our bubble more often, as we have so much to keep us occupied that we sometimes forget that there are plenty of awe-inspiring sights to see, wonderful people to meet and amazing cultures to experience. Americans simply just get lost in our own country too often and sometimes need a reminder that there is so much more to see.
Lots of Us Do Travel
Currently one-third of the US population holds a valid passport, meaning that over 100 million Americans are traveling about the globe and experiencing all that it has to offer. As a matter of fact it really isn’t hard to find Americans out and about in most major cities around the globe.
The ones lucky enough to have gone out and experienced these things are usually deeply impacted and eventhough most of us can call no place home more than America, we still feel a longing to go out on the open road and see everything that there is too see.
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