Unexpected Places: St. Patrick’s Day Madness

Unexpected Places: St. Patrick’s Day Madness

Living abroad gives such a great perspective of the world, allowing us a much better more direct view of how others live their day-to-day lives. Sometimes though it actually provides a better indication of how you go about your life back home and how much different it really is at times. This is never more prevalent than on holidays, where different customs and traditions can range from slightly similar to completely and utterly different.
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On my journey across the sea I’ve had the pleasure of spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in Barcelona. Each one has been similar yet completely different in its own way, sometimes veering into unknown territories but still remaining close to what I have always known. However, on St. Patrick’s Day that all changed. While similar in feel to Halloween, as many people in Spain know of the holiday but don’t celebrate it (thanks in large part to American Cinema), it was strange to see first hand.

The first moment I realized things would be different is when I myself had forgotten about the holiday, only being reminded of it thanks in large part to facebook posts from my friends and family back home. Had I simply not checked facebook its possible I would have missed the holiday entirely and thought nothing of it. Oddly enough, many of my American friends and I had planned on meeting that day to experience one of the more hidden features of Barcelona, Lost and Found. For those who don’t know Lost and Found is essentially a flea market run by hipsters and all stuffed into Estacio de Francia.

Even though I am sure it wasn’t planned this way it did feel very much like St. Patrick’s Day back in the states, a huge overcrowded room, blaring music, and plenty of beer to go around. The only real difference was the large amount of random stuff, odd trinkets, and occasional vintage clothing strewn about, well that and no green beer. As the day carried on I realized how much nicer it was though, that the excessive over drinking wasn’t occurring. To be sure, I am not opposed to cutting loose every now and then, but St. Patrick’s in the states is complete overkill. The longer I stay over here the more I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere toward drinking, where people go out and have fun but don’t really start hitting it hard until 2 or 3 am, making it far easier to spent a good night out without the hellish experience of a hangover.

The biggest problem that I had with Lost and Found is simple, there really wasn’t anything great to find, and on the off chance that something good was found it was far too expensive to drop any money on. Eventually (6 hours later!) Lost and Found finally wrapped up and my two Irish mates from Spanish class were more than up for a night on the town. The great thing about Barcelona is the absolutely amazing number of bars that are open and the fact that its nearly impossible to not have someone in your group run in to somebody that they know. Tonight was no exception as we quickly became lost in several bars bouncing around until we eventually ended up in the Pipa Club, essentially a remodeled apartment in Placa Real that depending on who you speak with and what time it is, may or may not be entirely legal and drink prices reflect that.

As the night began to drag on, I found myself realizing how much I really don’t enjoy drinking any more. Its just not all that fun, I mean its great to go out with a group of friends have a few drinks and chat, but going on an all night party really isn’t my thing these days. I still enjoy going out and hitting the dance floor for a few hours, but other than that I would rather spend my time doing something slightly productive with my time. Beside at this point age as now caught up with me in the worst way possible and my hangovers have become intolerable. I must say that if this is my last true St. Patrick’s Day it couldn’t have been any better and more different than all the others I have experienced in the past.
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