Travel Tip Costa Rica

Travel Tip Costa Rica

Traveling tips for Americans in Costa Rica , which literally translates as “Rich Coast,” because of its beautiful beaches and luscious rain forests, is sadly not top on the list of many American travelers. But it should be!
Travel Tip Costa Rica

Travel Tip Costa Rica

With just a few travel tips in mind, you can take a trip to Costa Rica that you’ll never forget. The first of these important travel tips is to be sure to check with a reputable travel agent. There are so many wonderful things for a traveler to do, both on and off the beaten path that are difficult for even a seasoned traveler to find. Your agent can not only find you the best rate on flights and hotels, but he or she can also recommend some fantastic experiences.

Perhaps you would enjoy scuba diving or surfing lessons. Or maybe a tour through the rain forest, or even the cloud forest is more your style.

They may even be able to sign you up for a tour of a working gold mine, or a hike through the rain forest to the site of a waterfall not often seen by tourists. The most important of all travel trips to any destination is to engage with the culture. Immerse yourself in it as much as possible. If arrangements can be made to stay with a family, this is probably the best cultural experience you can ever get.
If this is not possible, however, there are many other ways to get in touch with the culture in a very personal way.

You may wish to attend religious services at a nearby church. A quick search on the Internet will lead you to a church in any city or town, and if you don’t speak Spanish, not to worry. There are many English speaking locals, and even more tourists, many of them from the United States. 
Travel Tip Costa Rica
Travel Tip Costa Rica

Because of this, many churches hold services in English, which makes the experience a little easier for those who do not speak the language. If you do speak Spanish, engaging in the local culture will be a little easier for you. A great place to start is the outdoor marketplace. Though it caters mostly to tourists, they are plentiful, and you can find one in almost every city, and it can be a lot of fun to speak with the vendors.

Also, be sure to take public transportation everywhere, especially in the city. The bus system is very good, and you can pretty much go anywhere you want to go within the city by bus for very little money. It’s also the least hazardous way to get around, as drivers in Costa Rica are, well, a little adventurous.

You will, of course, need coins in local currency for the bus, so be sure to have them on hand before going anywhere. Once you’ve toured the city (or two,) don’t forget my favorite of all travel tips: be sure to get out of the city, and into the mountains.

You may need to hire a guide or rent a car, but it is well worth the bother and expense.
A few things to keep in mind is that, whereas in San Jose you can pretty much get by everywhere with your English, you can not do so in the mountain areas. Almost nobody speaks English, so if you aren’t familiar with Spanish, you may want to learn a few key phrases before you go, or at least have a phrase book with you.
Travel Tip Costa Rica

There are also a few random travel tips unique to the Costa Rican experience. When walking, especially in the city, remember that pedestrians do not have the right of way. A good rule of thumb is this simple phrase: “If you get hit by a car, it’s your fault.”

Have you ever heard of defensive driving? Well, Costa Rica is one place where you’ll need to practice defensive walking, especially when crossing the street.

Be sure to wear your sun screen. Lots and lots of sun screen. Remember that you’re much closer to the equator, and no matter the season, the sun is much more intense than you experience at home. If you have fair skin, and you visit during the spring or summer, you are likely to burn even with sun screen on, so apply it liberally, and often, and try to get out of the sun during midday.

One thing your travel agent may not tell you is that the plumbing system is very different. Hotels in the city that cater to American tourists may be an exception, but everywhere else, please be sure that you do not flush any paper. The pipes are of a much smaller diameter than they are in the United States, and you risk clogging them. 

Yes, it is an odd concept and a bit tough to adjust to, but please wad it up and put it in the trash. This is especially important if you are visiting a home in the mountains, as they surely have these small pipes and you do not want to have to call in a plumber.

Also, once outside of your comfy hotel in the city, be prepared for cold showers. Costa Ricans prefer cold showers, and have probably never taken a hot shower in their entire lives.

 Your shower will be heated by a small attachment on the shower-head, if at all, rather than by a water heater before it reaches your shower. These little heaters produce very little heat, so you’ll be grateful for anything that resembles lukewarm water.
Travel Tip Costa Rica
Travel Tip Costa Rica
Up in the mountains they may not even have a heater on the shower-head, and you may even take your shower outside, much as you might have done as a kid at summer camp. This is actually a nice treat, once you get used to the idea, (and the cold water).

Hopefully these travel tips have been not only helpful, but inspiring.
Costa Rica is truly a wonderful country and a fabulous place to visit. The people love to welcome travelers, and seem to be very fond of Americans, so if you plan carefully and immerse yourself into the culture as much as you can, you’ll have a truly unforgettable time that will leave you wanting more.

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