Moving Across Country With Your Dog - Pet Friendly Travel

Moving Across Country With Your Dog - Pet Friendly Travel

You will be moving soon, and the new destination is so far away that you need to take a plane to get there. However, you will not be moving just your furniture, you will also be moving your dog. Thus, you need to start preparing your dog for pet friendly travel.
Moving Across Country With Your Dog - Pet Friendly Travel

About Pet Friendly Travel

The first thing that you need to do in order to prepare your dog for pet friendly travel is to get your dog a proper traveling kennel. The kennel must be in compliance with the airline regulations. Usually, the kennel will have to be large enough so that the dog can stand up and sit down comfortably.

So, where do you go to find the right kennel for pet friendly travel? Well, you can go to your local pet supply store, but at the same time you want to make sure you get the safest kennel possible, as well as the most comfortable. Thus, you should probably ask your veterinarian for advice.

The next thing you need to consider is how long the flight is going to be. You want to make sure that the dog is properly accommodated so that the dog will not have to go to the bathroom during the flight and it in it. You should keep some food and water in the cage, but ideally the dog should not be fed a couple of hours before the flight.

Another thing that you need to consider when preparing for pet friendly travel is if the animal does go to the bathroom, what you should place in the kennel for it. Most airlines prefer only a towel, but you should also include a shirt of yours with your scent on it so that the dog can feel more comfortable.
Once you have gotten all of the necessary items needed for the pet friendly travel, on the day of the flight you will have to get all the paperwork necessary and have the kennel outfitted with the various stickers such as “Live Animal.” You will need to have the animal at the cargo area of the airliner a few hours before the flight.

With the flight underway, you need not worry about your animal, because airlines have an obligation to make sure all of their cargo is safe. In fact, you can ask airline stewards how the animal is, as they should keep track.

For more information on pet friendly travel procedures, be sure to check the official website of the airline you will be traveling on. There should be a section of the website dedicated to that topic. You are sure to find all of the necessary information with the proper research.

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