Las Vegas Vacations Have Something for Everyone

Las Vegas Vacations Have Something for Everyone

If you want an exciting city break with plenty of entertainment on hand, you need look no further than a Las Vegas vacation. Known as the sin city, it’s a pleasure paradise and it’s all legal too! Since gambling was legalized there in 1931, people have flocked to try their luck.
Las Vegas Vacations Have Something for Everyone

 You may not win too much money but you may win meals or room charges. You can play craps, blackjack, and the slot machines and spin the roulette wheel. Some of the gambling houses have poker available. No one under twenty-one years old is permitted to gamble. The casino and hotel complexes have various themes and you can get a good view from the monorail.

Live shows are part of the experience too, such as Cirque du Soleil and Mamma Mia. The resort has always attracted top international stars. It was a favorite of the King himself, Elvis Presley. There are spectacles such as Circus Circus and a fabulous fountain display set to music. You can ride a gondola at The Venetian and there are live lions at the MGM Grand. A Las Vegas vacation takes in many corners of the world without having to go there. Magicians are also popular.

There are numerous bars and nightclubs, which stay open until 4am. You may want to drown your sorrows if you lost too much at the tables. Even Trekkies haven’t been forgotten in this oasis of the Nevada desert. There is Star Trek: The Experience at the Hilton. It’s a museum for the show with Trek themed rides.

There are other things to do away from the resort itself that are not too far away. If you want your Las Vegas vacation to be more than counting casino chips, there are a few trips you can take. The Hoover Dam is about an hour’s distance by car and is well worth the drive. You could go skiing on nearby Mount Charleston or take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

If all this wasn’t excitement enough, many couples go to one of the wedding chapels to get hitched. It’s quick and easy with no blood test required and no delays. Elvis will even perform the ceremony, or someone pretending to be him anyway.
Las Vegas vacation has something for everyone and, as you know, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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