Vacationing in Europe: French Villas with Unbeatable Prices

Vacationing in Europe: French Villas with Unbeatable Prices

French Villas - The world of luxury travel isn’t always known for low prices, but when you travel to Europe, you can find some French villas with some surprisingly low rates. Here are three of the choicest, and least expensive, properties for rent in all of France.

[View of Maison De La Treille, a luxury villa in Luberon, France]
A charming home situated in the Provence region of France, Maison De La Treille is a warm, comfortable village house in a pleasant neighborhood. Filled with all the charm of classic French design, this home nevertheless boasts modern features such as laundry facilities, a swimming pool, internet, as well as a stone wall and electric security gate that provide a wonderful degree of privacy. Already one of the most reasonably-priced villas available, especially considering its spacious, five-bedroom design, Maison De La Treille offers an additional discount in the low season. The property is split into two buildings, and renting just the main building and its two bedrooms can save a smaller group or family even more money, making this locale a top choice for any budget.

[View of Maison De Fontvieille, a luxury villa in Provence, France]
When it comes to French villas for rent at bargain rates in France, the Provence region takes on all challengers with glee. With a rate as low as €500, Maison De Fontvieille is a four-bedroom property ideal for small groups and families who want to enjoy the peace of the countryside rather than the bustle of the city. Built on only one floor, this villa is also very hospitable for those who prefer ease of access to everything in their house, yet still features a beautiful swimming pool, a kitchen stocked with a diverse array of appliances, maid service, and a chef available on request to help you get a taste of the world-famous French cuisine.

[View of Boulbon, a luxury villa in Provence, France]
The bargains never seem to stop in Provence. Boulbon is a villa ideal for larger families or groups; with six bedrooms and room for eleven people to sleep, there’s plenty of room for everyone, and the two buildings include indoor recreation, outdoor cooking, security, internet, floor heating, and even beach amenities for as little as €525. Enjoy dining on the beautiful terraces, or take a look at the olive trees growing on the property, and let all the warmth and comfort of a private villa soak into you. Though, admittedly, that might just be the joy of the secluded swimming pool.
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