When Is The Best Time to Visit Northern Europe ?

When Is The Best Time to Visit Northern Europe?

When Is The Best Time to Visit Northern Europe ?

Best Time to Visit Northern Europe
Planning time to get away is much more of a science these days. With world travel costs at their lowest point in history more and more people are finding the money and the time to travel all over the world. While this is a great thing, as it’s an essential part of life to know and understand other cultures (just my opinion), it also causes major overcrowding of popular cities. Even lesser known destinations are growing more crowded every year as tourists begin to branch out even further.

There is no place that this is more true than Northern Europe. With some of the largest go to destinations, not only in Europe but in all the world picking the right time to go is essential. Places like London, Paris, and Berlin are already crowded cities but add in the growing influx of tourists and the cities start to feel like a bar at capacity, there is literally nowhere to move. Along with finding a good time to avoid the crowds you’ll also want to be very mindful of weather. Northern Europe can get quite hot and unreasonable in the dog days of summer but also turn into a frozen tundra in the dead of winter. Making picking the right time an essential task, the last thing that you want to happen is to find the weather less than welcoming on all those hard-earned vacation days.

When The Weather Is Fine

The best times to visit Northern Europe for weather purposes are the Spring and Fall but travelers need to be warned as these periods of time where the weather is perfect don’t last long. The other issue is that these seasons begin and end well before they do at home. In some places in the far North these times only last a few weeks so timing is crucial. Fall usually starts right around the beginning of September and in most of Northern Europe ends around the beginning of October (a good rule of thumb is Oktoberfest, celebrated in September, usually designates the end of good weather, although that’s not what the celebration is about). During the month of September the weather in most of Northern Europe is decent to great, you’ll certainly run into many more rainy days than you would had you arrived in August but you’ll also avoid sweltering heat.

Spring is another great time to see the North but its easy to jump the gun on getting there. Many people usually head out over Spring break which usually occurs in mid to late March however, arriving during this time will pretty much guarantee cold weather you may get a few warm-ish days here and there but for the most part you’ll still want to bundle up. Spring really gets started in mid-April and ends around the same time in May. Again you’ll most likely be faced with some rain filled days but for the most part the weather will be more than tolerable for visitors.

When The Lines are Short

Along with great weather you also want to visit during the times when the lines are the shortest and the tourist crowd is far more reasonable. The good news is that these times usually coincide with the Spring and Fall and while the middle of winter is a great time to avoid all crowds of most kinds it’s also a great way to miss out on all activities too as they tend to close up when the peak season has ended. The great thing about the Spring and Fall is that more or less the tourists crowds still exist they are just much more manageable.

The thing that matters most is really being able to not only see what you want to see but also being able to enjoy the experience without a thousand other people jostling for position. Nothing ruins an experience faster than having to fight for every inch of space you can, and that’s just for basic things like a spot on the metro. Getting that perfect shot without at least one person photo-bombing you is nearly impossible so unless you like having photo albums full of anonymous strangers you’d be better off if you wait.

The Perfect Time?

While the perfect time is incredibly hard to pin point you’d be best served by going during the first two weeks of September. Why? Well for one the weather will still have a bit of summer left in it and you’re bound to get a few days of absolutely magic scenery. It won’t be everyday and you certainly going to get rained out at least once it’ll be well worth it. For this reason alone many of the long lines that are typically scene during the summer simply don’t exist at this time. Don’t get it wrong, you will still have to get up and at it early if you want to just stroll in to any destination but it makes a huge difference when you can have some of the great monuments of Europe all to yourself for a few minutes.

The biggest reason you should go during the beginning of September isn’t so much the weather or crowds as you’ll get the same during the spring, but it’s that every major hot spot will still be operating at the peak efficiency. Things will certainly start to slow down but all the big to do things will have every door and wing open, something that cannot be said during the spring as they’ll still be getting things ready for the summer in some cases. So being able to see every single inch of the best cities in Europe will still be possible.

Lastly, and this is really the biggest reason altogether is price. After August 31st the prices to fly to Europe drop like a rock, and the goods and services in the city are far more budget friendly as well. So if you want to get the best bang for your buck this is the perfect time. You won’t miss out on anything, the lines are manageable, the weather is pleasant, and best of all your dollar will go further, simply put you have no reason (really) to go during any other time.

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