Are You Interested in Wine Making?

Are You Interested in Wine Making?

Wine has been around for centuries. In some countries, it is the beverage of choice especially during dinner and sometimes even lunch. Some people find it natural to drink a glass of wine in the middle of the day while others usually reserve it for dinner or during special occasions. The practice of wine making is often as varied as the flavors in the wine itself.
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Wine comes in two basic types, red wine and white wine. Usually, red wine is reserved for heavier meats or darker meats while white wine complements fish or lighter colored meats. In wine making, there are two kinds of productions, the making of still wine and the making of sparkling wine. The difference between the two wine making productions is inclusion of carbonation in sparkling wine and the exclusion of carbonation in still wine.

The Practice of Wine Making

In almost all production of wine, grapes are the fruit of choice. The difference between red and white wine is the length of contact that the skins are allowed to have with the juice. Longer contact produces red wine while no contact or less contact produces white or rose wines. Wine making among the different wines is similar other than the aspect of skin contact.

Initially in wine making, the grapes are pressed or crushed and left to ferment for approximately two weeks. At this time, yeasts are allowed to convert most of the sugar found in the juice into alcohol. After this initial stage of fermentation, the juice is then transferred to vessels or vats fir further fermentation until the wine itself becomes clear. Depending on the wine making process, some wines are directly bottled while others pas trough blotting or the addition of aroma.

The whole wine making process, including aging, can take up to twenty years depending on what type of wine it is. The quality of the wine is more dependent on the quality of the grapes rather then the steps used in wine making. This is because the steps or process of wine making is usually similar all throughout the world.

The wine making process can also add to the flavor and aroma of the wine. With Champagne, a special process is done to trap carbon dioxide in the bottles as they are closed thus creating the traditional bubbles. In ice wine, the grapes are initially frozen to concentrate the sugar before it is processed. Sweet wines are the result of leaving some residual sugars which are purposely left behind after the fermentation. In spite of all these additional processes, basic wine making is very similar among all the vineyards.

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