Are Beach House Rentals A Good Idea

Are Beach House Rentals A Good Idea

Are Beach House Rentals A Good Idea
Beach House Rentals
One of the most popular vacation destinations is definitely anywhere located on the ocean. Awakening every morning to the sound of the surf and the smell of a gentle salt water breeze, sheer curtains flowing like the waves on the beach, it just doesn’t get any better than this! There are affordable beach house rentals in thousands of great destinations throughout the world, you just have to decide which beach on what ocean.

The past two years we have gone to the east coast for our vacations. We have found that we can stay for longer periods of time and have nicer accommodations because things are less expensive. We have looked into beach house rentals for years. We have always seen these great properties, but never thought we could afford to stay at them. Now that we plan our vacations during off peak seasons we can get the beach house rentals within our budget. We may spend a bit more than we would for a hotel, but because we have the entire house we can cook our own meals and spend less money on eating out at restaurants. We both love to cook and often times during our busy schedules at home we do not get a chance to do this together.

Last year we looked at a list of beach vacations by the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Many of the beach house rentals there are huge homes that can sleep eight to ten people. We found a nice two bedroom older home that was for rent. We called the couple and they said that they ordinarily do not rent out in September, but they were going to be gone the first part of the month of September so we cold have the house for two weeks for the price of one if we agreed to take care of their dog and cat. We both love animals so we agreed to do this.

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