African Safari Trip - 3 Tips To See Wildest Africa

African Safari Trip - 3 Tips To See Wildest Africa

So where do you start when organizing an African safari trip?
If you have been considering one of the best holiday adventures you could possibly have but are an extreme novice to this mighty continent then the prospect can seem rather daunting.
Luckily for you, there are travel agencies which can help you with all the preparation and location details and in this article, we will present three African safari trip options to you depending on your experience.
African Safari Trip

Africa is such a large continent that to attempt to see it all in one trip is impossible unless you take a one year sabbatical. Some of the areas to consider include South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya and to be honest, just spending your entire vacation in one of these countries will probably be enough.

The good news is though, with the African safari trips on offer, it’s quite conceivable you could spend time in each one of these destinations.

Here’s three African safari Trip options:

- Self-drive safaris… may not be suitable for complete novices to Africa however, a well organized self-drive safari would be a good choice for people traveling in a group with an experienced guide.
Self-drive safaris have the advantage of traveling at one’s own pace rather than sticking to the strict schedule of an organized tour. Understanding the lay of the land, road rules and each destinations political landscape is vital.

- Mobile safaris are well organized excursions and can range in length from a few days to weeks. With an experienced guide or guides, mobile safaris are a excellent way to see the landscape in relative safety.

- Fly-in safaris suit those with limited time. One of the advantages of fly-in safaris is seeing the landscape from a wide perspective. These can range in length from four to fourteen days and in many instances, you can spread your African safari trip out over several destinations.
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