7 Essential PRO Travel Tips

7 Essential PRO Travel Tips

7 Essential PRO Travel Tips

#1 – Dress for Comfort: In a bygone era it was not only typical to dress up for travel it was expected. Nowadays air travel is more akin to riding a bus and unless you have a meeting the minute to step off the plane you shouldn’t be dressed to impress. Flights (much like buses) are now packed end to end with as many people as they can fit in. In short, flying is miserable, especially for taller (and wider) people. Why get dressed up to sit in a chair for hours on end anyway? Treat it like you would any Sunday and trade slacks for sweats and relax (as much as possible).

#2 – 7 Essential PRO Travel Tips - Wear Layers: Airlines have continually cut back and many of the one-time amenities have been pulled from domestic (and even some international) flights. One of these things is blankets and even if you’re going to Dubai in summer you’ll still want to have more than just a t-shirt and shorts on. Airline cabins are intentionally left slightly colder to prevent the spread of airborne diseases (and more importantly for them to save a little energy), so unless you’re good with spending a few hours shivering you might want to pack accordingly.

#3 – Bring a Tablet or Laptop: Even though you’ll get plenty of inflight entertainment options these days, you’ll still find yourself wanting something new. While domestic flights are adding wifi regularly most international flights don’t have any such service, so you’ll certainly want to make sure you load up anything and everything to keep you entertained. Tablets are slightly preferable as most laptops are just slightly too large to fit comfortable on the tray table. Further tablets can turn into e-book readers and game centers more easily than laptops. In the end though you’ll want options, the last thing you want is to get trapped on an 8 hour flight with nothing but movies and television shows you’ve already seen.

#4 – Pack Light: This is so much easier said than done, as you’ll find yourself thinking you need every last scrape of clothing just to make it through a weeks stay. The fact is you really don’t even if you won’t have access to a washing machine. Most times what you really need is a sink and some soap and a place to hang your stuff out to dry. Beyond that its sincerely no fun to lug around a huge bag on your travels even if its only from the airport to your hotel, hostel, or host’s.

#5 – Ask for better seating: Like I said before traveling by plane isn’t much fun especially for anyone over 6 feet. There are a bunch of options if you’re willing to pay, but why spend the cash on the flight when you could spend it on your experience? The better bet is to simply ask the attendant when you check in if any better seating is available. If you’re pleasant and bring a smile (incredibly hard at an airport check-in I know) your odds will increase ten-fold. Bulkheads and exit rows are usually the best free (or cheap) upgrades, but if you’re a real pro you’ll wise up and join their frequent flier program. Even if you don’t fly all that much you’ll get far better service than if you’re just a normal customer.

#6 – 7 Essential PRO Travel Tips Drink Water: This one is just to keep you generally healthy but the last thing you want to do before a long-haul flight is plop down at the bar and start drinking. Not only is this bad for your health it’ll make for a pretty miserable flight about 4 hours in (right around the time you’ll sober up). Most notably because alcohol dehydrates you and most times the flight staff is pretty stingy with the water. You’ll most likely want to bring more water than you’ll need as pressurization will dry you out more quickly than normal.

#7 – MOVE!: Even though they’ll make it seem like you should walk about you really should do your bets to get up regularly and stretch. Don’t worry about disturbing others they should be getting up too (so really you’re doing them a favor). Sitting for prolonged periods is one of the worst things you can do health wise, beyond that nothing is worse than reaching your destination and being stiff legged for the next 48 hours. So do your diligence and get up and move around as much as possible.

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