4 African Safari Clothing Tips You Need To Know

4 African Safari Clothing Tips You Need To Know

Choosing the right African safari clothing can be the difference to enjoying your trip to Africa or spending your time being miserable.
4 African Safari Clothing Tips You Need To Know

It’s one of the most important aspects of going on safari to Africa yet many first time travelers there still treat it as just another holiday destination. That’s a big mistake. In this article, we’ll point you in the right direction so you only take what you need too and more importantly, take the proper African safari clothing.

What To Wear on An African Safari

If you love to take everything but the kitchen sink when you go on holiday then you should reconsider before boarding your flight to mighty Africa. The first rule of thumb is to travel light.
A trip to this continent is not a fashion show.

1. Firstly, consider taking comfortable fitting clothes only. Forget the dinner suit. Whether you’re traveling by road with a tour group or walking, comfortably fitting clothes will make a huge difference. Also, your clothing color should be neutral. Nothing too bright or white.

2. The main bulk of your clothing should be light however, while it gets hot during the day in Africa, you’ll still need to pack a warm garment such as a sweater. The nights can get a little chilly especially if you are spending most of your time camping.

3. Take a hat. Caps or a hat could be ok but should be accompanied by some of neck protection. The preferred hat to wear on safari is one which gives you all round protection from the sun.

4. Comfortable walking shoes are essential. Heavy boots are not really appropriate because you’ll start to tire and feel heavy around the legs after only a short time. If you’re on a walking safari, sturdy and durable walking shoes are the key. Also, don’t pack too many shoes as it only takes up luggage space.

The issue of African safari clothing should be discussed with your travel agent or more importantly, with someone who has already made the trip. If you think you’re traveling too light that’s okay. You can always purchase any extra pieces of clothing while you’re in Africa.

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